Cynthia Jordan

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Oil, Cowboys and
elegant ladies of the evening.
The historical facts are true and the stories are real. Wait until you read about Suzy Poon Tang!
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A few years ago some friends of mine came with us to Italy to celebrate my daughter, Julie's wedding.  It was so beautiful
! I wanted to savor every wonderful experience.

Julie married a handsome man from Pistoia, a town in the heart of Tuscany. As we enjoyed good food, beautiful views and friendship I started saying, "If this was heaven it would be just fine."

When I returned home I realized there are many joyful moments in life. Now I say it when I am sharing state of bliss, love and appreciation.

I began writing short vignettes for a syndicated radio show and it became a book.

I think everyone should write a book like this even if it is just passed down to generations to come. Someone once said, "God created humans because God loves a good story!"

I am a big fan of John Lennon. I remember the day I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. They were exciting! 

As I became more spiritually enlightened, as a songwriter and composer I was able to recognize John Lennon's music told the story of his spiritual journey from "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to "Imagine."

Butterfly Moments tells my spiritual journey from writing "Jose Cuervo" to composing ambient piano compositions used in spiritual retreats and wellness environments.

The book title was inspired when a butterfly landed on me and would not leave in a moment I absolutely needed some kind of sign I was not alone.

Everyone has a story. This is mine.