Cynthia Jordan

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A few years ago some friends of mine came with us to Italy to celebrate my daughter, Julie's wedding.  It was so beautiful! I wanted to savor every wonderful experience.
The sea looked especially beautiful that day we traveled on a boat in the Gulf of Poets to the small fishing villages in Tuscany that were only accessible by boat and train. The sun was shining, the water was the color of blue steel and I announced to everyone, "If this was heaven it would be just fine."
This book is a collection of short vignettes that remind us to look for and appreciate the beauty and blissful moments of our precious life. God created us to have fun and enjoy the human experience

Butterfly Moments tells my spiritual journey from writing "Jose Cuervo" to composing ambient piano compositions used in spiritual retreats and wellness environments.

The book title was inspired when a butterfly landed on me and would not leave in a moment I absolutely needed some kind of sign I was not alone.

Everybody has a story. This is the story of my journey to understanding the soul's journey of life through the music I compose.