Cynthia Jordan

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The year is 1923. The Santa Rita Number One has come in and there is an oil boom in San Angelo, Texas. Oil os blowing, money is flowing and Miss Pearl is open for business.

Thirteen girls have come to live at Miss Pearl's Parlor. How did they get there? What are there stories?

Pearl will make you laugh and cry. Wait until you read about Suzy Poontang!

The year is 1924. Corsets are out, freedom is in and the 20's are roaring! Booze is illegal, movies are silent and the favorite new pastime is necking in automobiles.

Since she was a little girl, Heather has dreamed of becoming a movie star. Two men working on a western film from Hollywood have come to Pearl's Parlor for some friendly company. Is this Heather's big chance?

Mae West, Charlie Chaplin, Wyatt Earp, Barbara Stanwyck... Diamond reminds us that when we remove the glitzy glamor we really are all the same.

When we live in a state of appreciation and gratitude we experience "on earth as it is in heaven.

"This book contains 86 short vignettes that remind us that
life is supposed to be fun!

The book title was inspired when a butterfly landed on me and would not leave in a moment I absolutely needed some kind of sign I was not alone.

Butterfly Moments tells my spiritual journey from writing "Jose Cuervo" to composing ambient piano compositions used in spiritual retreats and wellness environments.