Cynthia Jordan

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Cynthia Jordan Bio

Cynthia began her career in music when in 1983 her song Jose Cuervo became the number one song of the year. For 12 years, Cynthia studied classical piano with concert pianist Doctor Nino Albanese. In 1984, after her success with Jose Cuervo, Cynthia moved to East Texas where she founded Kids for Kids, a Christian music ministry for children.  In 1997 she moved to Nashville where she signed a record contract to compose and produce 11 CDs of Ambient Piano Music for Page Music. Cynthia has had over 4 million downloads of her music on the internet. Today her music can be heard on the popular cable radio show Soundscapes.

After receiving numerous letters telling her how her music was helping people, Cynthia began researching studies that have been conducted in using music as a catalyst to promote wellness, accelerated healing and stress relief. She began working with Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and developed a program that has been used for Continuing Education Credits for nursing programs, geriatrics, hospice, pediatrics, drug and alcohol rehab and special needs children.

In 2005 Cynthia moved to Texas and created a radio program in San Angelo she calls “Ahh Radio” to help people relax, students study and put the kids to bed. She is on a personal crusade to enlighten her audiences to the power of music and she calls her program, “MUSIC A POWERFUL SOUL-UTION”.

Cynthia has written 2 spiritual books, Butterfly Moments and If This Was Heaven… Her most recent project are her historical novels, Pearl and the sequel she calls Diamond. The books are full of fascinating history and addresses women’s issues from 1900 to 1929 with humor and sentiment. Pearl is currently being negotiated for a 12 episode mini-series and is now a theatrical musical as well. The novels have created a new speaking topic for Cynthia she calls, The New Woman.

Cynthia is an entertainer at heart and guarantees her audiences will never be bored! If you happen to get one of her books, make sure you have a box of kleenex nearby and prepare to laugh out loud.

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